My coach was very attentive to what I needed. I really needed some extra resources to prepare for my upcoming interviews, so I contacted Exchange for more info. The founders of Exchange connected me with a Google coach, which was pretty awesome because he prepared me more thoroughly than my friends, clubs, or interview prep books did. I felt very confident going into my phone interviews and I'm certain I moved onto the next round. For me, using Exchange was all about increasing my chances and Exchange helped alot with that.

Hsiang’s Experience

Overall I found my Exchange experience very helpful and encouraging.  My coach was excellent, he identified my strengths and weaknesses correctly.  He also suggested hints during the interview which steered me in the right direction.  The problems were also well chosen to determine my skill level.   I would recommend him to others and I got a lot out of just one session.


I would give my coach a 4.75/5. He was very good at making sure each interview was scheduled according to my needs, and I felt much more confident in my interview. In the short amount of time we had, we were able to work through a good amount of problems, and he chose the ones that exercised my abilities for thinking problems through.
I would use Exchange again, and I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

Jev’s Exchange

My 3 sessions with my technical interview coach Kim were great! We talked about Uber and his role there and how he prepared for his interview. He was able to understand that I lagged in topics like DP and Graphs. So we spent a lot of time working on those areas. Now, I feel confident about my onsite interview in two weeks!

Daniel’s Exchange

I read a lot of books such as CTCI but I was not able to get to the level needed to solve some hard Leetcode problems. I met with my coach over a month and I am now able to handle the hard Leetcode problems much better than I was able to before.

Moon’s Exchange